Terra Nova Route & Gas Direction Sheets

Route Sheet

Average speed is 36kph throughout

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0.8L on gravel Road10:01:20
1.1Stop L on Con 310:01:50
2.9Str Begin 2 Way Traffic10:04:50
4.6L on Trail10:07:40
4.8Check in Walwin #110:08:00
10.8Check Out Walwin#210:18:00
10.9R on Pav Road 2 way traffic10:18:10
12.4L 17th SR end 2 way10:20:40
13.8L & L onto Fire Road10:23:00
14.4Check In Tos #310:24:00
22.2Check Out Tos #410:37:00
22.2Add 5 Minutes10:42:00
23.4Stop Straight Town Line10:44:00
26.4Stop Straight CR2110:49:00
29.4 Straight ( 30th sr)10:54:00
30.6Stop Straight Mulmur T/L10:56:00
34.1Straight Start 2 Way Traffic11:01:50
34.4Left on Road allowance11:02:20
36R into Check In Pos Ivy #511:05:00
46.2Check Out Pos Ivy #611:22:00
46.5R on Fr11:22:30
46.7L/R onto Paved Road11:22:50
47Straight 2 Way Traffic11:23:20
47.3L on GR 2nd con end 2 Way11:23:50
49.1Stop Straight11:26:50
49.8Gas #1 11:28:00
49.8add 10 minutes11:38:00
50.9R 6/7 SR start 2 way traffic11:39:50
51.8Stop Straight11:41:20
52.7L on FR11:42:50
52.8R Check In #7 Brent wood11:43:00
61.2Check Out #8 Brent wood11:57:00
61.3R onto Pav Rd 2 way traffic11:58:10
62.1Stop straight 2 way traffic11:59:30
62.9R 2nd con End 2 way traffic12:00:50
63.5L into Trail12:01:50
63.6Check in #9 Hogs Back12:02:00
69Check Out #10 Hogs Back12:11:00
69.1R onto Fire road12:11:10
69.2L onto Pav road ( hogs back )12:11:20
70.4R GR 9/10 Sunnidale12:13:20
71.5Stop Straight12:15:10
72L into Check In #11 Barker MacNiece12:16:00
78Check Out #12 Barker MacNiece12:26:00
78Left onto FR12:26:00
79.1R Pav road 12:27:50
83.4Straight (webster rd)12:35:00
84.3L on GR 30th SR12:36:30
85R onto Fr12:37:40
85.2R into Check In #13 Modrits12:28:00
90.6Check Out #14 Modrits12:37:00
90.7R onto Con #4 Gas #212:37:10
Add 10 minutes leave at12:47:10
93.6Stop Right . Main Str Quite12:52:00
94.8Left 3rd Conc12:54:00
97.8R on GR 20th Cons12:59:00
99.4Stop Straight13:01:40
100.9Left on R/A Town line13:04:10
102Check In Tos backwards #15 13:06:00
115.8Check Out Tos backwards #16 13:29:00
116.4R -BR on Pav Rd 17th13:30:00
117.7SPLIT Pro, Exp, Vet AA only13:32:40
117.7R Con #3 Start 2 way traffic13:33:40
119.2BR L on trail13:35:40
119.4Check in Walwin #1713:36:00
125.4Check Out Walwin #1813:46:00
125.6R on Pav Road 2 way traffic13:46:20
127.2Straight end 2 way traffic13:49:00
128.9R Gav Rd 20th13:51:50
129.4R on trail13:52:40
130.2End Hand in Score card13:54:00
117.7Split All other Classes13:33:40
117.7L Con #3 Start 2 way traffic13:33:40
119.4R Grav 20th side road13:36:00
119.9R on Trail13:36:50
120.7End Hand in Score card13:38:10
You are finished hand in your score card and

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Gas Direction Sheet

Gas #1
Leaving the Golf Course turn Right onto Cindy Lane at end of driveway
Go to stop sign and turn Right onto 3rd concession
Travel approx 7.8km turn left at Webster Road
Travel approx 3.2 km Turn Right onto Center Line Road watch for riders
Travel approx 1.6 km turn right on 2nd concession ( Gravel Road)
Travel approx 2.4 KM Gas on Right hand side of road ( caution park off road 2 way traffic) riders coming from behind
Gas #2From Gas one
Travel same direction as riders
Travel approx 2.1 km to stop sign Turn right onto Hogsback Rd
Travel approx 1.4 KM turn left onto 6/7 side road Sunnidale
Travel approx 1.8 km to stop sign. Turn Right at Stop sign
Travel approx 2.1 km to 30th side road ( gravel road) turn Left
Travel approx 1.5 KM park on Right side of road drivers coming out of trail behind
Back to start
Travel same direction as riders
Travel for approx 2.7 km to stop sign
Thru stop sign
Travel 3km to 20th side road turn right
Follow around to stop sign turn left onto 3rd concession
Take to Cindy lane turn left
Take Cindy lane to golf course